Solid steel gives unbeatable strength.

Cabinets made from plates of prime quality tested steel.

Meticulous welding gives cabinets uniform strength and rigidity.

Main lock and renter's personal lock protected by solid steel door.

No part of the locks protruding outside.

No chance of locks being hammered in.

Provision for additional renter's personal lock.

Treatment followed by rust inhibiting paint.

High quality paint coating for long lasting finish.

About Ajmera I-SAFE

Ajmera ‘i-Safe' is the most efficient and one of a kind rental locker service in India, Here you can safeguard your valuables while enjoying the convenience of accessing them any time, any day. You can book our safe deposit lockers to secure your precious assets, important documents and other valuables. It’s our responsibility to keep you worry-free. So handover your prized possessions to us and be at peace. We provide ultra-protection to every locker and avail maximum accessibility by functioning 365 days a year.

Features & Specification

Exquisite jewellery of pricesless memories. Important papers or prized possessions. There are many things in your life which you wish to preserve and protect for lifetime.

When four walls of your home do not seem to be just enough to safeguard your valuables, you need specialist you can trust and entrust with the safety and security of your fortune.

Designed to be the most secured haven for your too-precious-to-be-kept-at-home valuables, these safe deposit locker cabinets give you peace of mind as secure as the Safes.

i-Safe expands the parameters of traditional safe deposit valuts by providing facilities and services thoughtfully worked out for maximum flexibility and comfort.

From location to specifications, i-Safes are feature-rich safe deposit locker cabinets from the house of Ajmera, also known as the Home of Trust.

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