Corporate Social Responsibility - Ajmera Group
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A business that Empowers Society

Corporate Social Responsibility & Educational Activities

Ajmera Group is an ardent believer in the concept of inclusive education. In its endeavour to provide equal learning opportunities to children and contribute towards transforming the country’s future for the better, Ajmera Group has built several educational institutions in the country. These institutions offer premium learning programs and manifest equal learning opportunities by providing numerous scholarships to meritorious students.

Health Related Activities

Health-Related Activities

Ajmera Group has been an avid participant in enhancing the healthcare infrastructure in rural areas of the country for several decades. In 1979, it embarked on its pursuit to make healthcare accessible by building a fully-functional hospital with 40 beds in Vasavad within a year. Ajmera Group continues its relentless passion for improving healthcare facilities in Vasavad by providing free medical camps and subsidies for heart valve replacements.

Drought Aid Flood Relief

Drought Aid / Flood Relief

The Saurashtra region in Gujarat has been facing acute water shortage since the 1980s due to an extreme agrarian crisis. The Smt. Samjuben Shamalji Ajmera Trust (SSAT) supports people by providing utility items like food, clothing, medicines, and financial and medical aid during natural calamities like floods or droughts Saurashtra region.

Rural Development

Rural Development

Ajmera Group has made remarkable contributions to improving rural regions along with urban infrastructural development. Its upcoming project aims to develop and revive the water resources in Gondal Taluka, a village in Gujarat facing an acute water shortage. SSAT will implement several campaigns in Gondal Taluka under the Watershed Development Program.

Earthquake Relief

Earthquake Relief

Ajmera Group has repeatedly demonstrated unwavering support to the victims of natural calamities in various regions. In 1994, Ajmera Group’s senior trustees stood at the forefront when a deadly earthquake destroyed Latur, a tourist hub in Maharashtra. With over 100 members, the SSAT team aided in rescuing and ensuring the well-being of thousands of earthquake victims.



Ajmera Group follows an environment-conscious approach to all its social activities. We are determined to reduce the impact of climate change through our CSR initiatives. Its recent project in Rajasthan attempts to strengthen the energy sector by reducing the dependence on non-renewable resources. Ajmera Group supplies high-tension solar power to the Rajasthan Grid for clean energy production. This social project by Ajmera Group is an endeavour to contribute to the fight against climate change.



Ajmera Group is a passionate advocate of youth welfare and empowerment. It has partnered with DBM India to launch a skill training programme in MSCIT courses for underprivileged youth. Along with rendering equal learning opportunities, this programme is an impetus to achieve two important purposes – enhancing awareness about basic computer skills among the youth and facilitating job placements.


Vicharta Samuday Samarthan Manch (VSSM)

Several villages in the Banakantha district in Palanpur, Gujarat, have been facing acute water shortages for more than two decades due to extremely poor rainfall in the region. Ajmera Group has partnered with VSSM (a non-profit organisation working for the welfare of tribal people in the remote areas of Gujarat) for a Water Management Programme Initiative in Banakantha district. This partnership facilitated soil excavation and deepening of the village lake of Tadav village to provide a running water supply to the villagers.

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Malnutrition Control Programme

The Malnutrition Control Programme in Melghat is one of the most prominent social initiatives of the Ajmera Group. The tribal people of Melghat, an Adivasi district in Maharashtra, have been suffering from malnutrition since the 1990s. Many children have succumbed to this health crisis in the past decades. Ajmera Group’s Malnutrition Control Programme intends to combat and eradicate the curse of malnutrition and provide a better future for thousands of children in Melghat.